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The always entertaining and educational run through music, pop culture, films, and life with Counting Crows front man, Adam Duritz, The Underwater Sunshine Podcast.

Press for Underwater Sunshine

EPISODE 97: Live From Here! It’s Us!

EPISODE 96: Jordan Klassen + Claire Morales

EPISODE 95: Wild Pink + Harmaleighs

EPISODE 94: Kid Sistr’s $1000 Dinner

EPISODE 93: Purple Reign 4 – 1999 Pt. 2

EPISODE 92: Purple Reign Pt. 3 – 1999 Sides 1 & 2

EPISODE 91: Purple Reign Pt. 2 – Controversy

EPISODE 90: Purple Reign Pt. 1

EPISODE 89: Duck Soup

EPISODE 88: Jedi Nots

EPISODE 87: All The Friendly Ghosts Pt. 2

EPISODE 86: All The Friendly Ghosts Pt. 1

EPISODE 85: Glitter In The Garden

EPISODE 84: Awesome Fuck Yeah Podcast

EPISODE 83: Festivus (for the rest of us) Pt 3

EPISODE 82: Festivus (for the rest of us) Pt 2

EPISODE 81: Festivus (for the rest of us) Pt 1

EPISODE 80: How I Learned To Drive Pt. 2

EPISODE 79: How I Learned To Drive Pt. 1

EPISODE 78: Bowling for Bricks

EPISODE 77: Beth’s Beach Blanket Buffalo Babylon

EPISODE 76: An Aquarian Exposition, Pt. 6

EPISODE 75: An Aquarian Exposition, Pt. 5

EPISODE 74: An Aquarian Exposition, Pt. 4

EPISODE 73: An Aquarian Exposition Pt 3

EPISODE 72: An Aquarian Exposition Pt 2

EPISODE 71: An Aquarian Exposition Pt 1

EPISODE 70: The Great Glaspy

EPISODE 69: Awake In Zion

EPISODE 68: The Bear Necessities

EPISODE 67: You Get What You Need

EPISODE 66: Avant Gardeners

EPISODE 65: Superstar Trek III The Search For Spock

EPISODE 64: Jesus Christ……Superstar!

EPISODE 63: It’s Onliest Rock n Roll

EPISODE 62: Skout’s Honor

EPISODE 61: Garden Party

EPISODE 60: Rock & Roll Stew

EPISODE 59: Teenage Superstars

EPISODE 58: Underwater Sunshine Dose

EPISODE 57: The Underwater Get Down

EPISODE 56: Petal In The Canyonlands

EPISODE 55: 55 Double Nickels On The Shine

EPISODE 54: Underwater Brooklyn and then some

EPISODE 53: The Gospels of Sam Cooke

EPISODE 52: Rod & Woody Pt 3 – Face/Off

EPISODE 51: Rod & Woody Pt 2 – Henry the Appendage

EPISODE 50: A Rod, A Woody, and 5 Faces

EPISODE 49: August & Everything (after we get done talking ‘bout everything else)

EPISODE 48: Awesome Fuck Yeah Whatever

EPISODE 47: Awesome Fuck Yeah Radio

EPISODE 46: Queens of the Aged Stoners

EPISODE 45: girlgenius(es)

EPISODE 44: Rhodes Less Taken

EPISODE 43: The 1st Noel Misspell

EPISODE 42: Beatle Bob

EPISODE 41: The Feminine Mystique

EPISODE 40: Excelsior!

EPISODE 39: Democracy In The Garden

EPISODE 38: Kellogg’s Frosted Barna-pults

EPISODE 37: Garden Of Adam

EPISODE 36: Gang Of Youse

EPISODE 35: Underwater Sunrise Pt 2 aka 93 North Revisited

EPISODE 34: Underwater Sunrise Pt 1 aka Mambo #5

EPISODE 33: Welcome Black! Pt. 2

EPISODE 32: Welcome Black! Pt. 1

EPISODE 31: Three = Beatlemania

EPISODE 30: Two Beatlemaniacs = Super Solar Sister Lovers

EPISODE 29: One Beatlemaniac: Fountains of Adams

EPISODE 28: Butterflies In Reverse

EPISODE 27: Highway 61 Resurfaced

EPISODE 26: Aquaman Vs The Neptunes

EPISODE 25: Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams

Episode 24: Word Up!

EPISODE 23: Poached Eggs Pt. 2

EPISODE 22: Poached Eggs Pt. 1


EPISODE 20: Ghosts In The Rasheen aka Hot Tub Time Rasheen

EPISODE 19: Avengerella

EPISODE 18: Neue Muzik Teuesday

EPISODE 17: Immergasm 2: Electric Boogaloo

EPISODE 16: Love Will Tear Us Apart

EPISODE 15: Pt 3. London Calling

EPISODE 14: Pt 2. All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)

EPISODE 13: Pt. 1: The Punks And The Godfathers

EPISODE 12: “40 Watt Love Gods”

EPISODE 11: “Chamber Pop, Pt. 2: Forever Changes”

EPISODE 10: “Shit Or Get Off The Chamber Pop, Pt. 1”

EPISODE 9: “People Say We Monk-y Around!”

EPISODE 8: “A Walk Across The Rooftops”

EPISODE 7: “It Takes A Ross To Laugh; It Takes A Train To Cry”

EPISODE 6: “It Could Be Worse; It Could Be Raining”

EPISODE 5: “From A – To – Zevon”

EPISODE 4: “XX-Ray Vision”

EPISODE 3: “The Outlaw Roadshow and Everything After”

EPISODE 2: “Underwater Hitchcock”

EPISODE 1: “Leaving Every Home”

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An off-shoot of the book project that Adam and I have been working on since October of 2016, Underwater Sunshine is a place for us to share our ideas and opinions about the stuff we love. Adam is a fine conversationalist, well-rounded and a great storyteller with a deep love of music of all genres, films, art, literature, including his beloved comic books, and more. I just love keeping up with him and adding my own brand of obsessive delights.

My role here as instigator, facilitator and sometimes debater, is a window into what I have been fortunate enough to do as Contributing Editor and columnist for the Aquarian Weekly the last two decades and at the Huff Post for the past ten years – write about music, review shows in and around the NYC area, and mostly interview some of my favorite artists in literature, film and music. I am not only a big Counting Crows fan but it was my interviews with Adam since 2008 that sparked our collaboration and then a friendship which I believe will become evident in these discussions. Hope you dig the podcast and send us your feedback.

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