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James Campion


When history records this, it will come to one conclusion: Donald Trump was the most effective anti-American terrorist ever. No one, not Osama bin Laden, has done the kind of lasting damage to the foundation of the United States of America than our president is enacting right now. If America’s enemies could have drawn this up, I doubt they would have even dreamed this scenario. 

In the last few months I have written about events surrounding American politics that sound more like Berlin in 1932 than America in 2020. Perhaps no better example is what transpired on January 6, 2021; the day the United States Congress was to ratify the electoral victory of Joseph Biden as 46thpresident of the United States. In a nutshell; The current president, Donald J. Trump used a mob rally he scheduled from the White House and incited it to storm the Capitol building. Goons armed to the teeth, shouting, shoving, looting, desecrating, threatening. Blood was shed. Five died, including a police officer. A bloody coup on the United States orchestrated by the chief executive and commander-in-chief, who turned against one of the three branches of the federal government to overthrow the will of the people and consolidate power, anointing himself king, thus effectively ending the 243 year-old American democracy.

I really shouldn’t have to write much more than this. But sadly, idiots abound.

This is where we end up with the Trump legacy; armed fascist thugs breaking windows of our most sacred federal building, marching inside and shouting “Our house!” Members of the United States House of Representatives and the Senate cowering beneath desks, furniture being buttressed against ancient doors of the republic, men in suits with guns drawn towards it, as if in a zombie film. Dressed in their right-wing cult outfits, identified members of Neo-Nazi groups, Right Wing insurrectionist organizations, and proud members of the Republican Party (state lawmakers from West Virginia and Pennsylvania) taking selfies behind the desk of the Speaker of the House, sitting in the main seat of the chamber shouting “Donald Trump is president!”

The shit show that normally awaits the end of a relationship with Donald Trump – whether business, political, personal – has taken its final public bow in the mist of tear gas and mayhem. Two weeks until the final vestiges of his grand anti-American experiment slinks away into the trash bin of history after four abysmal years of filling his cabinet with those who despise the very positions they hold, heads of agencies that having spent decades trying to destroy them, a gutted state department, a fractured military, a war within his own political party, overt attempts to extort states to “find me votes” to subvert his ignominious and resounding 2020 defeat, ends with people breaking into the Capitol and trashing the place. Here we are, at the butt end of another Trump failure: Shambles. Embarrassment. Disgust. Broke. Diseased.

Make America Great Again

MAGA will forever stand for Terrorism. Racism. Fascism. Destruction.

Capitulation to Russian interference and the coddling of dictators. Appeasement to Nazis, anti-Semites, white supremacists, violent extremists. The game show host at the bow pointing the ship directly into the abyss. It was built on lies. The lie of the foreigner. “The borders are a sieve,” the candidate said. They were not. It ends with the president repeating a lie; “The election was rigged.” It was not. He calls those who sack the Capitol “patriots” and pledges his undying love to their hate and destruction.

“We’re going to walk down to the Capitol,” shouted Trump from a podium facing the Capitol, his deranged followers turning and shouting, “Let’s go!” Then he finished with; “You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

The assault of the Capitol by Neo-Nazis to disrupt the will of the American people is the final legacy of the dark, divisive, destruction of the Donald Trump era.

After all of this, seven Republican senators join him to contest the election results and act as symbols for this siege on the Capitol. Two of them began the 2024 GOP Primary by auditioning for this cretinous rabble; Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, a shameless hack and, of course, Ted Cruz, who has consistently displayed zero scruples. Hawley is a feckless opportunist trying to fill the void left by the MAGA sinkhole before him as Cruz has worshipped a man who accused him of stealing the Iowa Primary back in 2016, suggested his father aided the JFK assassination, and called his wife a dog, all the while nicknaming him Lyin’ Ted. How shameless can you be when you once said of the president; “Trump is a narcissist and serial philanderer and morality doesn’t exist for him” and you now help him enable sedition.

These cowards, joined by 139 Republican members of congress, challenged our free and fair election, the core of this democracy. They committed treason on the floor of the very building their thug brothers and sisters just sacked. I personally call out Congressman Van Drew of N.J.’s 2nd District for his subversive act and vow to use this space to have him expunged as a representative of my state. Although, for the record, I have retired from challenging congressmen to fist fights. But, you know, I can take him.  

And what of the executive branch of the government? It stood down to protect its legislative branch. Calls for the National Guard to be deployed from Maryland were met with silence from the Defense Department. For ninety crucial minutes its governor, Republican Larry Hogan, begged someone to grant him allowance to assist. It wasn’t until the Pentagon intervened by contacting Vice President Mike Pence’s office were they able to engage, and by then it was far too late.

Let me make this clear: The U.S. Army broke from the commander-in-chief in a time of high national crisis to rescue the Republic from him.

Let that sink in.

Recall it when remembering the atrocious presidency of Donald Trump.

The assault of the Capitol by Neo-Nazis to disrupt the will of the American people is the final legacy of the dark, divisive, destruction of the Donald Trump era. Lunatics waving blue police flags spitting at cops, face-painted, armed marauders with Jesus shirts smashing windows and a mutant carrying a Confederate Flag into the people’s rotunda pretty much wraps this smoking heap of miserable dung in a tight ribbon. Those will be the images of this hate mongering, lie-filled clusterfuck of an administration and everyone, let that read everyone who served it, voted for it, and defend it still, even those who now decry it, as if they are shocked by what it has wrought. It all ends in a blaze of ignominious conflagration. They own this.

Investigations must be launched to find those police captured on video opening gates and waving this overt attack on America, stepping aside to allow one of their own to be killed. We need answers on the egregious lack of planning to protect Washington D.C. when many of these white supremist groups had plotted this in the open, under the banner of “Storm the Capitol – January 6” on Instagram and Facebook for months; the president tweeting on December 20 to come to D.C.; “It will be wild!” And so we need to know exactly why Donald Trump’s government pulled funding and closed the Justice Department’s task force to infiltrate and prepare to thwart Right- Wing uprisings? Was this the plan all along? Overthrow the government with assistance from the chief executive?

This bloody coup and its perpetrators cannot be forgotten. History awaits the final toll, and underlines the memory of January 6, 2021, and its villain, Donald J. Trump.   

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