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Dreams. Nightmares. Religion. Revolution. Divinity. Evil. Temptation. Hope. Murder. Mysticism. Faith. Oppression. Memories. Visions. Passion. History. Lies. Truth. Forgiveness.

In the spring of 1996, James Campion immersed himself in the thorny subject of humanity’s mad pursuit of an origin and purpose to existence. Intrigued by the life and teachings of philosophical and spiritual leaders over the centuries and fueled by a questioning of his devout Catholic background lead to a natural exploration of Jesus Christ from revolutionary vagabond to religious icon. Carving out images from his past and passionately delving into the gospel legend prompted a tireless journey to the Holy Land. Across the desert, in the footsteps of the mysterious, inside the mind and out of the heart, the results of his trek are found in the introspective and controversial pages of Trailing Jesus.

It is more than a true story of self-discovery and Biblical revelations. It is literally a lifetime dissected in a single trip. Mostly it is an emotional investigation of one of the most enigmatic spiritual leaders in the pantheon of human experience; a controversial view of Jesus of Nazareth, the peasant messiah whose spiritual revolution is still prevalent after two thousand years. The Greatest Story Ever Told is understood quite differently through the eyes of an author in search of spirit and wonder in a violently cold world.

Trailing Jesus is a major work for the 21st century. It topples icons, punctures dogma and resuscitates the memory of a movement so influential it has spanned two millennium of speculation and debate, infatuation and worship, war and bigotry, power and compassion. Trailing Jesus is not the voice of a scholar or a theologian or even a religious apologist, just the brutal honesty of a man in search of a revolutionary mystic from a time seemingly so far away, yet so very close to the very marrow of human kind. James Campion’s third book, Trailing Jesus – A Holy Journal is a must read for the faithful, the doubtful, and the just plain curious.

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“Evocative thoughts and memory, distinctive descriptions and unlikely encounters fill this devoted and faithful account. A candid journey of spiritual awakening filled with descriptive landscapes arising from a radical spiritual movement, Trailing Jesus is confidently commended reading for Christians who are in search of their own spiritual enlightenment.” – Midwest Book Review 6/6/03

“The book’s prose is tight and luminous, whose ideas, at their core, are reminiscent of the neurological perspective that the frontal lobe of the brain expanded around the same time the limbic system underwent a metamorphosis leading to the phenomena for the birth of religion.” – North County News 4/23/03

“Campion’s knowledge of the Bible illuminates his prose with the political, social and religious background against which Christ’s travels and ultimate end were set.– Minnesota Star Tribune 6/29/03

“Campion’s chronicled travels through the mysteries of the Middle East are peppered with insightful encounters, haunting landscapes and the region’s ever-present political tension.” – Indianapolis Star 5/3/03

“An enigmatic and highly emotional journal penned by one of the most brazen new authors to break molds only to be bound by new labels and break them once again.”– American Writer Monthly 11/03

Trailing Jesus defuses the iconic dogma that buried the orignal momentum of a desert movement so influential it has manage to survive two millennia.” – Book Dealers World 5/03

“Campion’s well-researched work uncovers the endearing influence of a Nazarene artisan who dared to envision the impossible, a common thread to all spiritual mavericks of various times and cultures.” – The Union County Advocate 4/22/03

“A departure from the quick-witted, gonzo writing style of his weekly political column, Reality Check, the heady topic may pierce Campion’s well-crafted persona, but there’s no doubt that Trailing Jesus is a labor of love that firmly places the author further on the quest for universal spirit.” – New Jersey Weekly 3/05/03

Trailing Jesus is the best written and most marvelously researched book I have ever read about the life of Jesus Christ.” – Martin Brech, author and former Professor of Comparative Religious Studies at Cornell University 4/17/03

“With its descriptive nature and journal style, Trailing Jesus is the best and most alluring way for Americans to visit the Holy Land in a time when the dangers of violence and war have once again rendered it nearly impossible.”– PAX TV 6/11/03

Campion richly depicts the uniquely itinerant nature of Jesus of Nazareth’s ministry of healing and teaching as a proclamation of divinity within every individual and not some remote Supreme Being.”– Suburbanite 12/17/03



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