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James Campion
Douse the Flames, Save the Property, Worry About Politics Later
I have been confronted lately with concerns about former VP and Senator Joe Biden’s candidacy for president. From the left; he’s not progressive enough, has a checkered past with women, supported a ridiculous crime bill, too old, and from the right; he’s senile, somehow all of a sudden after forty centrist years in DC is a radical Marxist or puppet of anarchy, and, of course, he’s a Democrat. Here’s the thing about Joe Biden. He is not Donald Trump. The current president is presiding over a three-alarm fire. The entire country – domestic, health, economic, moral, legal and foreign affairs are a complete and utter disaster. He is responsible for most of it and where he is not directly culpable he has made far worse. He is as lost, angry and destructive as many feared.

Another four years of this and there will no longer be an America, just the burnt wreckage of another Trump Enterprise – like two marriages, Atlantic City, Trump University, the USFL, or pretty much everything Trump has had anything to do with. Have you seen his kids? See Back to the Future II and Biff Tannen’s dystopian Hill Valley for the best reference or maybe take a gander at these tax records he’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court to hide from us, because why see the tax returns of a guy who claims he’s a great business man as the reason he ran for president in the first place?

As a result, what I have been telling these fine fence-sitting, lukewarm and dubious voters is, “Put out the fire first, then worry about where to set the furniture later.”

Things have become beyond desperate around here. Not even I thought Trump was this bad. The most cataclysmic national event of my lifetime, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the president of the United States is not only denying it is happening, he is, as is his wont, lying openly about it. He tells us among many other doozies, “99-percent of Coronavirus cases are totally harmless,” while he never wears a mask and mocks his own administration’s scientists and doctors. It’s like a Bond villain is running things. Can you fathom FDR’s fireside chats centering around his big radio ratings during the Great Depression, never mind WWII? This is this generation’s WWII, and the president is telling us there are no Nazis and Pearl Harbor was a media hoax.

Now, I am no alarmist, but since March, over 130,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. We are the most infected country on the planet, and it’s not even close. Europe and Mexico won’t even allow us in. Forget about the argument I have already made months ago that this could have been abridged by mere competence and an embrace of science, but after waiting a month to do anything, the president spent six weeks paying lip service to the threat, turning “daily updates” into mini propaganda rallies. And never once during them did he ever show empathy for the sick and dying or their families or anything that didn’t feed his insatiable ego.

It got so bad for Trump and the nation, advisors shut these farces down. Then for the past two months, Trump officially announced the virus defeated and the threat over. He held rallies. No masks. No social-distancing. People on his staff got infected. Rally goers got infected. So, it is not over. In fact, on the whole, it is getting worse. The president is now quite literally killing civilians. To compound this madness, he and his Secretary of Education Betty DeVos are demanding states fully open schools this September and endanger our children. Remember when Republicans were so into states’ rights they would rather African-Americans be stripped of their rights to preserve them? Shit, during the Reagan Administration kids were everything, now it’s “Fuck kids.”

Let’s check out other parts of this raging blaze.

The Russians having been paying bounties to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq since last year and nothing is being done about it. In fact, this rather important breech of security and the safety of our troops has been kept from congress and the American people. Trump’s defense? He didn’t know anything about it. We have already covered the Department of Justice being run as if a mafia-like strong-arm of the White House. Dozens of former administration officials have left Trump and immediately put on the record his ineptitude, mental shortcomings, laziness, narcissism and general sloppy, careless behavior. He predictably denies all of this and then follows it up by swiping his phone like a teenager during an economic press conference while we endure the worst financial crisis in over a century. Almost no one that has been around this administration considers it anything less than a constant danger.

It’s like a Bond villain is running things.

It is also important that our next president not defend and embrace dictators. What the hell is this shit? I know it’s a daddy issue to worship strongmen and get their approval, but we’re trying to have a democracy here. And can we try and remember there are still children being kept in cages at the border? Detrimental Chinese tariffs and the gutting of the state department, demeaning and ignoring allies abroad, and campaign fraud to pay-off porn stars. The non-existent new border wall, the radical abuse of the emoluments clause, and the relentlessly insane tweets about nothing but his thin skin. Using the military for his own vanity and to teargas Americans enacting their right to protest. And what about all these criminals being tried and convicted all around him? His children and the people they are currently sleeping with are running half the government and a white supremacist, Stephen Miller is running just about everything else while Trump watches TV all day and plays golf.

Then there is this obsession with the confederacy and these stupid monuments. Trump’s Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore was by far the most divisive and inflammatory pile of authoritarian gibberish every uttered outside a KKK rally. It declared war on the American people, or at least a majority of them who have never supported him. Trump will be the first president to ever serve a full term in the age of polling to lose the popular vote when elected and follow that up by never having anything close to a positive approval rating. He has waged war on the free press, the FBI, the CIA, generals in the military, the Republican Party, congress, and even his own advisors for nearly four miserable years of failure.

Donald Trump is the third president in American history to be impeached. This happened seven months ago and in the face of this conflagration, it’s treated as a mere flesh wound.

This is a resilient democracy we’ve carved out. It has endured many hardships and ugly, horrible stains. Lunatics, racists, criminals and despots have held office on all levels and we’re still here. But we got rid of those assholes because there is a limit to the damage America can have inflicted upon it. Enough of Trump. This was an experiment that failed… miserably. It has to stop. And it has to stop this November. Period.

Complaining about Joe Biden is like whining about the rain at Gettysburg.

The house is on fire.

We need to put it out.

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