James Campion Book Signing at Barnes & Noble!!




jc will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble on Route 6 in Mohegan Lake, New York at 7:30 pm on Saturday, 10/20/01. He will be signing copies of his two books, Deep Tank Jersey and Fear No Art, and may display his juggling prowess for a price.

jcThis is normally a reserved and haughty establishment, so please come to cause mayhem and ruckus. Even if you already have the damn books and you’re sick of hearing about them, and wish Campion would finish another one already, please feel free to come by and say hi, or toss the odd tomato at him. (BYOT)

You can get there from anywhere, but call for directions: (914) 528-6275.

We realize that many of you are from out of state and in other countries, and will be hard-pressed, if not totally insane, to travel to this event. For you, jc promises to sign all book purchases made on jamescampion.com for the upcoming Holiday Season. Please include name you wish to appear on the “personal signing” in an accompanying e-mail. And, as always, SHIPPING IS FREE!

Finally, the multi-talented entertainment writer for Westchester Weekly, Elisa Flynn, has brought to our attention that tee shirts for the ever-popular AAPGF would be a welcomed purchase and displayed proudly by her lunatic colleagues and friends. So, if you would be interested in donning the AAPGF logo in solidarity of free speech, artistic integrity and pissing off Puritans everywhere, let us know, and they could be made available for orders soon.



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