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How does an underground oddity become a cultural phenomenon?

For over 40 years, the rock band Kiss has galvanized the entertainment world with an unparalleled blitz of bravado, theatricality, and shameless merchandising, garnering generations of loyally rabid fans. But if not for a few crucial months in late 1975 and early 1976, Kiss may have ended up nothing more than a footnote.

Shout It Out Loud! is a serious examination of the circumstance and serendipity that fused the creation of the band’s seminal work, Destroyer including the band’s arduous ascent to the unexpected smash hit, Alive! , the ensuing lawsuits between its management and its label, the pursuit of the hot, young producer, a grueling musical “boot camp,” the wildly creative studio abandon, the origins behind an iconic cover, the era’s most outlandish tour, and the unlikely string of hit singles.

Extensive research from the period and insights into each song are enhanced by hundreds of archived materials and dozens of interviews surrounding the mid-’70-era Kiss and its zeitgeist. New interviews with all the major behind-the-scenes principals in the making of an outrageously imaginative rock classic animate this engaging tale.

Praise for Shout It Out Loud! thus far:

A remarkably thorough, thoughtful and passionate recounting of the events surrounding the making of Destroyer. This was one of the most exciting times in my life – and one of my favorite projects ever – so it was a thrill to relive it in color and 3-D thanks to James Campion’s hard work.

– Bob Ezrin, legendary producer of Destroyer

Shout It Out Loud! is the best written of the KISS books I’ve read. Unlike most others, James Campion has a facility with the language and a unique voice and tone. He incorporates the existing book of knowledge (i.e., old interviews, other biographical works) with his own research into a seamless narrative that avoids becoming scattered and/or boring. Tough needle to thread.

– Jeff Suhs, author of KISS Alive Forever!

In the 40 years since the cover of Destroyer was painted, I have never read a more perfect accounting of the events that took place. James Campion has captured the very essence of the era, the characters, and the time. My and Dennis Woloch’s role in the design of Destroyer is all there on the page. Shout It Out Loud allowed me to relive the experience moment by moment.

– Ken Kelly, artist of the iconic Destroyer cover painting

James Campion’s portrayal of the making of Destroyer brought back fond and vivid memories. Shout It Out Loud! is a good read.

– Jay Messina, lead engineer on Destroyer.

It’s really wonderful the detail James Campion has captured in Shout It Out Loud! and the way its presented. Reading it took me back to a special time in my life that meant so much to me, and still does. The way it is written, I swear, it was like James was right there with me, with all of us in the studio making that incredible album! I have to stop now before I get too emotional.

– Corky Stasiak, assistant engineer on Destroyer.

I am truly astounded at the breadth of this accolade to the boys and to the entire team. It read like a murder mystery….hard to find a spot to take a break. Shout It Out Loud is a thorough run-through/expose of almost everything to do with Destroyer and those who had a part in making it happen. Quite a thrilling story, really.

–Allan Macmillan, orchestral arranger/conductor of “Great Expectations” and “Beth”

Wow! Prodigiously researched and beautifully written; a PHD-level thesis in a popular book format. Wonderful quotes and analysis of Dick’s talent; he was a fascinating man and talent. He delivered creativity that was both sophisticated and soulful, but he also had the ability to communicate his musical conceptions. Shout It Out Loud reflects and articulates his genius.

– Susan Michelson, assistant to the late Dick Wagner

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Official Reviews:

If you are a hardcore KISS fan like myself, this book is a must, because there is not a stone unturned capturing this era of the band. What Shout It Out Loud does so well is it covers everything from the record jacket and cover to hearing from the people who worked on the artwork; the detail James Campion paid to this is really remarkable. The book is just phenomenal. It’s a hell of a read.

– Eddie Trunk (Trunk Nation Sirius XM/ Founder and co-host of VH1’s That Metal Show)

Shout it Out Loud by James Campion is more than a record of a moment in rock and roll history, it is a brilliant apprentice handbook on how to handle a rock-band, build a recording career, create a particular sound and all the necessary elements that are needed to do that. You are there in the studio, at the control board, fiddling with the amps, placing the microphones, hunting for a calliope, dealing with massive egos… And by the end you know exactly why he has a 382 page book, because that it what it takes to get it all down, every last nuance, every fact checked in the making of an iconic album. Just think of what Campion could do with Pet Sounds…

– Sam Hawksmore,

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am and how much fun I had reading your book. It’s easily my favorite or in my top 2 KISS books I’ve ever read. The only downside is I want a full book just like this for every album now smile emoticon I thought it had the perfect mix of hard facts, minutiae, humor, escape, research, interviews, scope, and color that really kept me both dying to get to the next page and having that sensation of never wanting to be done reading it. Thanks much for writing it and coming on with me to talk about it. It’s definitely a book I will re-read over the years. From that 7 year old kid who got my first taste of KISS by seeing the cover of Destroyer on my sister’s 8 track and pulling it out after every song to look again at that glorious cover… WOW! Gee, mister, that was great!

Steve Ponchaud, WIMK FM – 93 Rock

Just finished “Shout It Out Loud”, the story of Kiss’s Destroyer, by James Campion. Amazing! If you’re a KISS fan it’s a must read! \m/

Don La Greca, ESPN Radio, NY

The making of Destroyer reveals much about the band and its members. From the drinking and drug use of two members and the unexpected tea-totaler to the songs that made it to the album, Campion writing and history will capture any fan’s attention….Shout It Out Loud is an excellent look at the evolution of one of the most recognizable bands in rock history.

-Evilcyclist’s Blog

A detailed – and then some – account of the landmark album that ensured Kiss would be rocking and rolling for longer than just ”all nite.”

-Macomb Daily News

Campion’s recounting of the Destroyer days…is rich and multi-voiced….Campion takes care to separate KISS as “The Act” (his term) in image and career path to fame and fortune from the musical development of Destroyer, though they were always kissin’ cousins. “Destroyer is the indisputable KISS mission statement — the realization of a dream,” he writes in the book’s foreword. “[It] is ‘70s rock: loud, yes, and decadent, you bet, but mostly it is pompous, weird, and fantastical…It is a cartoon fantasy’s parody of excess.” And with Shout It Out Loud, current and former soldiers in the KISS Army can find out all they care to on the making of their masterpiece.

– Houston Press

What Shout It OutLoud does is prove that the KISS story and the whirlwind life of one beloved album is an interesting, thrilling, inspiring, and entertaining read for a fan as casual as knowing just the radio hits or a fan as hardcore as having seen the band on every single one of their 30-something tours.

– Debra Kate Schafer, Aquarian Weekly

I’ve never been a KISS fan, but I have had a mild fascination with them ever since I saw them in a 1977 concert film that ran on HBO constantly in the summer of 1979, which inspired a recurring nightmare that the band showed up in a van outside my house (that same summer, I also watched a lot of Jaws 2 on HBO, which probably inspired a few nightmares too). Since I can’t count myself among the KISS Army, it’s a true testament to what an interesting story you had to tell that I could not put Shout It Out Loud down. Fascinating stuff! Considering how much I liked the book, I can only imagine the Army is going to go absolutely crazy over it. Congratulations again!

– Mike Segretto – Author The Who FAQ

Reading this book takes you on a visual journey as the beautifully descriptive and creative language craft images in the head; particularly innovative descriptions of each song letting the reader imagine the song as each chapter is read. ‘Shout It Out Loud’ is like watching a documentary of the album making; the descriptive passages about each song, the interviews with those behind the record including legendary producer Bob Ezrin and some high quality colourful images. The in-depth research Campion undertook to write this amazing masterpiece certainly shows in this book alongside his passion and dedication to the scene, helping the album’s legacy live on.

– Lotty Wittingham, Metal Temple Magazine

Folks – this is a FANTASTIC book! It is so well researched and put together. James did an amazing job getting the most intimate details out of the people that participated in the making of Destroyer. As a life-long Kiss collector, an owner of nearly every major Kiss book published, and a just a Kiss fan in general, I would suggest everyone pick this up. It’s an amazing read even if you’re NOT a Kiss fan but just someone who loves to know the inside story on the creation of iconic albums in history. Plus, the cover feels awesome! LOL

– Jason Herndon, KISS MY WAX Podcast

Shout It Out Loud is INCREDIBLE! Such a great book! Thanks for getting the story out there!

– Christopher Turnbow, Guitarist for Bad Co. former singer, Brian Howe

Shout It Out Loud: The Story of Kiss’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon may be way too involved for the causal fan. If you’re looking for some quick gossip, or if the nuts and bolts of songwriting and the analog recording process bores you, this book’s not for you. There are the usual tales of Ace and Peter’s drinking and drugging, sex in the studio and such, but Shout It Out Loud concentrates on the writing and recording and subsequent promotion of Destroyer in minute detail. Devoted Kissaholics, however, will appreciate the look into every nook and cranny of the recording sessions, promotion and tour that accompanied Destroyer.

– Jade B “Slums of Off Hollywood Boulevard”

James Campion’s Shout It Out Loud: The Story of Kiss’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon is a worthy companion to the album.

– axeologyextended, “One Album, One Book”, click here to read more and scroll down to “Destroyer (1976)”

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Reader Reviews

“Shout It Out Loud” by James Campion is not only the very best book about Kiss. But, it is so because it is also an excellent example of rigorous scholarly work on a pop culture subject. Despite being a huge Kiss fan, I have always been more or less disappointed by books on Kiss. They often do not provide an interesting critical analysis of Kiss’s music and times. They often limit themselves to provide the reader with more or less useful information, with no or little critical filter. James Campion as well presents all information we need to understand the historical and musical context where Destroyer comes out. And yet, his analysis of the record-making process uses this context to stress and make the reader fully realize the exceptional character of Kiss’s masterpiece. It seems that Campion has not written his book only for Kiss’s fans (as all the other books seem to have been written for) but, for anybody interested in American pop culture in the Seventies, and in particular to convince anybody of Kiss’s’ greatness. His book reminds me of another great scholar (maybe the greatest) in American music (although of another epoch), Peter Guralnick.
– Enrico Minardi

Loved the book but truth be told, “Destroyer” was never my favorite KISS album (some days I think the best thing about it is the cover) and it’s mind boggling that James Campion was able to devote 382 pages to the recording of it. Bravo James! I devoured it in about a day and a half.

With Bob Ezrin manning the knobs and waving his hands around like he’s on the brink of some great discovery, the band pretty near blow Casablanca’s entire recording budget (funded in part by the sales of “Alive”) on sound effects (like the bash-up at the end of “Detroit Rock City”), strings, screaming children, a children’s choir, and some Beethoven piano sonata, throwing everything at the studio wall to see what sticks (“Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “Flaming Youth”) and what doesn’t (“Great Expectations,” “Beth”). For one album at least, KISS stopped grunting like cavemen discovering fire and aim their sights on artistic integrity and respect.

By the next album – “Rock and Roll Over,” released later on the same year as “Destroyer” (1976) – the band were back with the same date they took to the prom, simple three-chord thud stripped of any and all accoutrements.

God bless America!

– Dr. Detroit, Goodreads

Great and heartfelt re-creation of an important kisstorical moment. I wouldn’t have made all of the author’s choices but it doesn’t matter–what he wrote will stand as the definitive record of the making of an album that affected rock-and-rock ever after. James Campion did really wonderful and tireless research and, just as importantly, framed the making of the album apropos of its cultural moment and against the overall backdrop of KISS’s career. I learned a lot, loved most of it, and didn’t want it to end. Bravo.
– Mitch Horowitz, Amazon

This is quite possibly the best book written about KISS…ever. It focuses primarily…and thoroughly…on everything about the process of recording and releasing the monumental Destroyer record but also quite well places its importance into overall KISS history. No matter how much you know about KISS before you read it, you will know more when you are through. I can’t give enough praise about the outstanding depth of information presented here from the massive interviews and research that was done. This man KNOWS this record inside out…and so will anyone who reads this book. Most importantly however is the tone of the writing. We are getting a book written by someone who really loves the band and this particular record. That made this an enjoyable read. I wonder if we can convince Mr. Campion to write one of this quality about my favorite KISS record…Rock and Roll Over.

– Sam Troy, Amazon

Easily the most intelligent and well-written book about KISS. It’s even down-right poetic at times (see the narrative about the song “Great Expectations”)!

I’m just glad there is finally an intellectual examination of a group who too-often gets marginalized into the “low-brow” category by pretentious academics, ignorant critics, and uptight music snobs.

KISS is so much deeper than the media portrays them. This album, in particular, started a never-ending ripple through global popular culture that continues to this day. KISS is as American as apple pie. They’re “iconic”. KISS is Andy Warhol and Marvel Comics, meets Coca-Cola and Hasbro…with a hint of S&M and Star Wars. Put all of these ingredients together, and you’ve got a fiery, leathery, blood-covered story filled with non-stop drama and fun.

– Scott Mason, Ferndale, Michagan, Facebook

Felt Like 1976 Again. The author has the knack of putting you back in 1976 when KISS was skyrocketing in popularity. I’m the same age as the author and his book was a trip back in time. This is by far the best book I’ve ever read about KISS or any other band for that matter. I hope that this guy will write a few more. Maybe Creatures of the Night or Rock and Roll Over. Couldn’t put the book down. Very thorough and interesting.
Jem, Amazon

This book is worth its weight in silver metallic makeup (Ace is the man) and an absolute must own for any fan of the Greatest rock band in the world. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Owned everything I could get my hands on, thought I knew just about everything there was to know about them.. And thankful this book proved me wrong. There was so much I didn’t know, and reading this book made me feel like that young kid tearing open his copy of Destroyer for the first time all over again. Thank you for taking me down this awesome trip through my youth, with the GREATEST band in the world..

– AJ Watson, Facebook

The author really nailed it. It pretty much has everything and anything you want to know about the making of Destroyer, plus he sets the environment both leading up to its release as well as what happened next. I enjoyed this more than many of the other Kiss books that are just quotes strung together.

– DrunkleNick, Amazon

Hey Army! Get this book! It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD by James Campion is probably the best read I’ve had on my fave group since KISS AND SELL! Beautifully written and lots of detail chronicling Kiss’ do or die time in their career!

– Jason Gallinger Toronto, Ontario, Facebook.

I didn’t know I could be as entertained as I was by a book about a nine song album. Terrific storytelling and I learned a lot about the making of a record I’ve been listening to for 40some years. Now I wish he would write one for all the great albums. Thanks for such a great job!

– John P. Morton, Amazon

A truly spectacular read!

– Ross Berg, Facebook

Big Kiss fan and have read almost every major book on the band. I was a teen when Destroyer came out and Beth was the first Kiss song I heard. Bought the Destroyer album and not long after Alive. I have followed their career to this day. This book is excellent! It gives a very detailed account of the making and public reaction to the record after was released. A lot of behind the scenes information like how Beth was able to became a smash single and who did what on the record. Almost 400 pages filled with dates and stats.
Risa – Amazon

I’m just finishing up James Campion’s Shout It Out Loud: The Story of KISS’ Destroyer, and it’s a hell of a read for any KISS fan. Great tales.
– Kyle Antivenin, Twitter

Worth the money. Loved reading about “The Act”, even if the author constantly refers to them as “The Act” did get a little annoying after a while. But that aside, it was filled with great insights regarding the whys and hows of conceiving and recording Destroyer. That KISS brushed aside Bob Ezrin in favor of Eddie Kramer for the follow-up is probably one of the most ridiculous decisions they ever made (right up there with “The Hawk” makeup years later), given all the brilliance he provided on Destroyer. Anyway, a fun read, highly recommended.
– Everyday Reader, Amazon

Captivating, insightful, and incredibly written…
It’s like putting the needle on vinyl 4 the 1st time all over again

– Jason Mather Trenton, NJ, Facebook

I have read 95% of the books on KISS, all the member bios, Kiss and Sell, Alive Forever, Nothing To Lose, and many more and I can honestly say that this book now joins Kiss and Sell and Alive Forever as the best KISS books I have read. The writing immediately stood out as intelligent and the introduction describing the author as a 13 year old boy opening the vinyl of Destroyer was a phenomenal opening and something most KISS fans can relate to. On top of the book being extremely well written, the research into the book was obviously exhaustive and it is obvious that the author is a real deal KISS fan. He was able to get interviews with the key players such as producer Bob Ezrin which is a testimonial to his skills as people like Ezrin don’t give interviews to just anyone.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about KISS but I learned a lot of new stuff. Most hardcore KISS fans can skip over the very beginning part of the book which brings you up to speed on how Kiss formed and what led up to the making of Destroyer in 1976.

I didn’t know what to expect with this book but it blew away my expectations. I can only hope that the author has plans for another Kiss book in the pipeline as I really enjoyed his writing skills. Highly recommended to all Kiss fans or fans of rock music in general.

– Benjamin Jones, Amazon

Amazing book, super well researched and gives ton of info about this masterpiece. Well done James!

– Gustavo Serrano, Goodreads.

An exhaustive look at the making of KISS’s Destroyer, by any measure the band’s most important album. This is not a simple rock and roll book, this is real history-doing. Starting with a thesis in which he proposes that KISS didn’t become the iconic band/brand we know today until Destroyer was made, the author crafts an un-put-downable narrative that includes new interviews with everyone from the great producer Bob Ezrin to DMV employees to folks that literally swept up at the Record Plant. Songwriting sessions, microphone placement, 70s drug culture, groupies—it is all in this book. If you are going to write a 300 page book about a rock and roll album that isn’t by the Beatles, you better do it right. James Campion did.

– Peter Blasevick, Amazon

Shout It Out Loud is an excellent look at the evolution of one of the most recognizable bands in rock history. The making of Destroyer reveals much about the band and its members. From the drinking and drug use of two members and the unexpected tea toddler to the songs that made it to the album, Campion’s writing and history will capture any fan’s attention. Alice Cooper fans will also enjoy this book as both bands shared producer Bob Ezrin who left his mark on their music. KISS moved from being a raw power band to a more refined rock band under Ezrin drill instructor type leadership.

– Joseph’s Reviews, Good Reads

Great trip down my teenage memories!

I’m a music producer, and while I didn’t really appreciate the role of Bob as written in the production of destroyer when I was younger, today I realize what an amazing achievement this record was at the time. That, plus all the other drama around the beginnings of Kiss are all laid out in this book.

I feel the author does a very good job of bringing the reader to that time and place, filling in details that otherwise would have been lost in time. It was very obvious that the author not only knew his literary trade, but also had a deep emotional connection to the subject matter.

I think this book would be a welcome addition to any Kiss fans bookshelf, or playlist, as the case may be.

– Billy V, Audio Book Review from Amazon

Finished my copy of Shout It Out Loud last night, great behind the scenes info. If 5 stars are great, I rate this book ten trillion stars! It is a great addition to any KISS fan’s library of KISS books.

– Michael Bragg, Glen Jean m Virginia, Facebook.

A great in depth look at the makings of a classic album. I enjoyed the inside look that this book provided on Ezrin and how he “squeezed” the greatness out of the band to make their seminal album.

– T. Michaud Amazon

One of the best music books I’ve ever read. Incredible analysis!

– Sean Kelly, Twitter

Received you’re book 3 weeks ago down here in Australia. Just finished it & just wanna let you know I thoroughly enjoyed it. Put a lot of things into perspective & for me definitely showed where the cracks started between the band members. Always thought that Peter was the one that got dressed down the most by Ezrin’s hard task master attitude but now believe Ace was the one on the rough end of the stick. Also it sounds like they went into panic mode when the album started to tank & went back to what they thought would be the thing to get the fans back on track. Fuck me suck me songs for the next two & a bit albums. The mind wanders what the follow up would of been like if Ezrin was given the chance. Once again. Great book & really enjoyed the read. Cheers

– Kev Panazzolo

Absolutely the best written “KISS” book out there. Its much less of a book about KISS than it is about Bob Ezrin and the process he employed to achieve the best KISS album that ever existed. I can honestly say that i will read this book over and over.

– David Oakes, Amazon

Just finished book!!!Amazing….with CK Lendt’s book and Lydia Criss’s book..gotta be the best KISS book out there!!….From a fan since hearing Destroyer back in 1979 as a 10 year old…..It’s a superb read….exactly how I envisioned the myth of KISS….Bob Ezrin realized this and I am sure the fans wanted someone to interpret how they saw this vision of the band!

– Darryl Gates, London, England, Facebook

Shout it Out Loud: The Story of Kiss’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon is a must-read for anybody who is interested in KISS, 1970’s New York City, the now-defunct record business of days gone by, Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin and classic rock and roll. The number of first person interviews that James Campion captured for this book is staggering. He spoke with record execs, studio session players, sound engineers, friends of the band, the guy who painted the famous Destroyer album cover, future DJ Scott Shannon who helped break the Beth single while working as a record promo guy, and dozens more. The key person in the narrative is legendary producer Bob Ezrin, KISS’s pick to take them to the next level following years of success with Alice Cooper, and before even more success on projects like Pink Floyd’s the Wall. Ezrin spent countless hours with Campion relating the story of how he took a rough and tumble KISS and helped them realize their vision to become rock gods. We see how the band and its record label Casablanca were on the verge of collapse, deep in debt, ready to sue each other, hoping and praying for a hit album. Hard work, dumb luck, and virtual acts of God helped make Destroyer come to fruition. Ironically enough, the members of KISS themselves are about the only people Campion did not speak to specifically for this book, but they are all represented in well-used archival interviews, some from the 1970’s, others as recent as the last few years. The research on this book is monumental, and the legacy that Destroyer created for the band’s enduring fame and adulation is well documented and thoroughly examined.

-Chris Barrera, Amazon

When I started reading this book I actually have to admit I had the barest familiarity with Kiss though I did grow up in the same era as a huge Yes and progressive rock fan and aspiring musician/composer myself. I was one of the kids in high school who would laugh and joke about the theatrical costumes and make up. But as I started to read through the pages I instantly was drawn with fascination and growing interest as to the tremendous work, effort, sweat, perseverance , passion, humor and creativity and innovation that surrounded and was part and parcel of building this iconic rock act. The author’s knowledge and attention to detail in relating the story of the making of this break through album and the diverse, talented and and often mischievous and colorful personalities involved is an informative, entertaining and very enjoyable read. I think that anyone who wants to take a journey into the world of high stakes rock music stardom and what it takes to make an album and create and act that defines an important aspect of an era will experience the process like they were in the control room of The Record Plant almost 40 years ago. KISS fans- former and present (and future) – this is a must read!

– Andrew Rajeckas, Amazon

Just an amazing effort and true labor of love from author James Campion and evidently just in time as many of the sources passed away during the writing of this book. If Destroyer holds a special place in your heart you will be mesmerized by the level of detail achieved in this soon to be KISS classic. A must read for both KISS fans and music buffs alike.

– Bo Blaze, Amazon

A well written gem that gave me even more appreciation for an already genius album.

– Kevin M. Butler, Amazon

I received this book for Christmas last year, and have since read it 4 times. I love the depth, of the stories behind one of my favorite albums of all time …..If you love reading the hows and whys of making an album or love KISS this is definitely a book to pick up !!!!

– John Connolly, Amazon

I loved “Shout It Out Loud” and read it in a few days. I couldn’t put it down. I’ve never read a KISS book so beautifully descriptive chronicling my favorite studio album or any album for that matter.

– Jason Gallinger, Facebook

As an avid KISS fan that grew up with “Alive” and “Destroyer”, this book provided an in-depth behind the scenes look at the making of a classic album. I really enjoyed reading the stories behind the recording and production, FILLED with interviews from everyone involved. I bet there’s some stuff in here that the insiders involved didn’t even know. For musicians, details are included on recording techniques such as mic placement, amps and effects used, etc. What you’re left with is a KISS fan’s paradise of “Destroyer” minutia, sure to entertain those that grew up with all the hype surrounding the band in the mid to late 70’s
Mike Lamneck, Good Reads

Loved Shout It Out Loud – typical James style and chock full of insight!

– Hal Stern, Freehold, NJ

Perfect gift for anyone in the Kiss Army or anyone interested in the history of one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

– Petra, Amazon

Excellent read!!! At times you might feel you’re at the studio watching this masterpiece being written and recorded.
– George T. Savastano, Amazon

I had “Great Expectations” starting this book, and boy was I not disappointing. A friend of mine knows the author, so I got a signed copy, thanks! It’s great learning how my favorite songs came together, from demos to finished pieces. I recommend reading this book with a smartphone nearby, so you can actually listen to the demo versions of songs as you read about them (YouTube has all this stuff). Highly recommend this book.
– Christopher Glisci, Amazon

Amazing book. A must for die hard fans. I thought I knew just about everything on KISS. I was wrong.

– A. Short, Amazon.

Amazing read

– Denuz Bos, Amazon

What a great book, very interesting. I am a big Kiss fan

– Pamela, Amazon

To you James Campion, and anyone who has not yet got the book Shout It Out Loud! I’ve yet see a DVD or articles, or magazines, that depict the heart and (makeup) of what KISS is all about! The details like no other explain how and why KISS became the Dynamite band that they are today! There is so much more to KISS than the music and the show, and that’s is the meat of this book! To those who haven’t read or purchased this book, I strongly suggest it, and if anything it will inspire you, and maybe start or rekindle a fire to do more, reach higher, and seek an excitement to Rockin’ Roll All Night And Party Every Day, your way, the way KISS looked at their lives and careers! Be inspired, read it or get the book! God Bless!

– Michael Austin, Nashville, Tennessee, Facebook

This book is outstanding – it is incredibly detailed and thorough. The insight provided by Bob Ezrin, Ken Kelley, Corky Stasiak, and other key players is both fascinating and illuminating.
My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is the Author’s very harsh criticism of the band’s first three albums. His negative opinion of the
Dressed To Kill album cover – which is clever, humorous, and completely unique – had me scratching my head. Yes, Destroyer is amazing both as a visual and musical package, but that doesn’t mean that everything KISS did before that must be viewed with disdain.

But, that aside, James Campion has added an extremely important and entertaining book to the existing canon of KISS books.

Nicely done!

– Chiam, Amazon

Really enjoyed this book. Bob Ezrin is fascinating. It can get a little tech heavy and might be disappointing for someone looking for a more salacious offering, but I think it really gives you an idea what a creative collaboration was needed to make a bands one (in my opinion) true masterpiece.

– John S. Pelkey, Amazon

A great book with some unseen photos. Takes you into the making of an icon and an iconic record. Recommended.

– Mr. Freeze Amazon

The story behind Destroyer is an expansive one that encompasses ad agencies, lawyers, and talented sound producers/engineers that mold and stretch the raw talents of a rock band into the stratosphere of fame and fortune. Bob Ezrin was the mastermind producer who along with engineers Jay Messina and Corky Stasiak created KISS’ greatest album. Or shall we say their most ambitious album, and let’s face it they could not have achieved this without these guys. The book was fascinating on many levels. The book is filled with tremendous amount of info regarding the recording, including mic placement and recording drums in elevator shafts, for the average music fan this may be too much minutiae. I loved the stories about the Record Plant (studio in NYC where Destroyer was recorded) but at times the book does wander away from the band. Ezrin co wrote around 7 songs, came up with arrangements, pretty much saved the song “Beth”. From crude demo tapes to productions filled with strings and piano motifs that quoted Beethoven, Ezrin was the “King of the Studio World”! Without Bob Ezrin at the helm it’s hard to imagine where KISS would have gone after the success of the 2 LP set Alive. If you love minutiae about music production and crazy stories about the 70’s then this book is for you!

– Mark Goddard, Goodreads

Finally, mid-70’s wunderkinds, The Act, get their long awaited biography!
Seriously, this book is as much about Bob Ezrin & Alice Cooper (The Show!), as it is about ’76 era KISS. But that’s okay because without either, it’s unlikely “Destroyer” would have come to be as KISS (The Act?) defining, musical moment.

The first 78 pages are a bit tedious, re-capping Kiss’ origins & Cooper’s influence, but they are an essential component to setting up the story of the band’s landmark, fourth studio record. But it starts to get really interesting, as you progress. The insight from mega producer, Bob Ezrin, is easily worth the price of admission. And there are further insights from various engineers & those unheard voices belonging to those that were actually involved in the album’s sonic creation.

The book is well written, though a bit cold & overly meticulous (not the information, more the delivery). But it is very enjoyable, probably more so if you are more than a casual fan. This not one of those “…and Ace was so drunk, he crashed his car” kinda rocker bio’s. This is a more cerebral take on an important portion of the Kiss story.

-Julian A. Schulz, Amazon

Great book bro, I’m about 2 read it again

– Michael Jagot, New Orleans, Louisiana

A well written gem that gave me even more appreciation for an already genius album.

– Kevin M. Buter Amazon

Very enjoyable. Not a typical account. Well described references from various artists and great build up to a momentous album. Love the intelligence used for descriptions of the music and the effort to give credit to all the players.

– Shannon Carlson, Liverpool, NY

I finished it last night and I found it to be thoroughly fascinating. Not boring, not overblown, just an excellent insight into this 1976 time capsule of Kiss…..Good Stuff……..Highly recommended whether you’re a Kiss fan or not….

– Amazon Purchaser

Review from my friend and colleague Vincent Czyz

Loved it. The first record I purchased with my own money was the 45 of Detroit Rock City. With Beth being the B-Side. I remember the car crash at the beginning of the song and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was 7 or 8 years old. Reading this book brought me back to my bedroom and many memories. Great Job. Thank you for your hard work.
– Thomas Donohoe, Nutley NJ, Facebook

Outstanding book. Every detail you can imagine. Any KISS fan will love it. Buy it now.
– Amazon Customer

I pre-ordered it as soon as it became available. I loved the interviews with Bob, Corky, & Jay the most. Plus I felt as I was there in the studio whilst reading it. Also enjoyed the unseen pictures that were included & posted on this page as well.
– Albert Borg

i have never claimed to be a KISS fan. what i am, however is a fan of music. all music. well nearly all music. country sucks. when one of my favorite authors published a book detailing the behind the scenes experience of the recording of KISS’ destroyer album, i decided to finally see what all the fuss was about. the gorgeous 400 page book arrived in the mail and i silently wondered what the hell i got myself into. i was hardly interested in reading 400 pages about gene simmons recording studio antics. but nearly the moment i cracked open the smooth, velvety covered paperback, i was hooked. campion writes his book not only for the intense KISS fanatic, but for the casual fan, for the music lover, for me.

band history, production techniques, song origins, and hilarious practical jokes between the crew and band members are detailed and shared throughout. i “get it” now. KISS rocks. this book rocks. in fact, it detroit rock city rocks. this book makes an incredible gift for the KISS lover in your life or a wonderful read for any music fanatic.

Danielle Mastrangelo, Amazon

Loved it!
Ronald Phillips, Amazon

I was stoned almost all of 76 -77 and being a big Kiss fan I missed out on all the important interesting details with the Destroyer album. I am very glad James Champions “Shout it out loud” book came out what a exciting rock n roll read. I felt 17 again. Great book for any generation but more so for the children off the 70s. Long live rock and roll!
– Mark Caso, Amazon

An excellent accounting of the creation of Destroyer, I enjoyed reading this immensely. Campion pulled out all the stops in researching every piece of information he could, and the KISS fan in me rejoices. A must-read for KISS fans.

– Stephen Rajeckas, Amazon

A very intense and well researched book. If a KISS fan, you’ve heard the stories but now read the in-depth story. Well done James.

-Kenny Symmons, Facebook

Amazing! I couldn’t put the book down. Exceptionally well written!
– Guitar Man, Amazon

I was never a huge Kiss fan but I remember how popular they were in the 70s. Kiss was everywhere. The thing I enjoyed so much about the book was all the behind the scenes stuff. The story behind “Detroit Rock City”, or should I say myth, was really interesting. I remember this album being the biggest thing at the time but never realized what went into making it. This book is incredibly well researched and detailed. You actually feel like you’re there in the studio with them. A good read , fun Enjoyed the hell out of it.

-Kevin McCormick, Amazon

Great read about an album that blew my young mind. So much detail, a must read for any real Kiss fan.
– Amazon Customer

Absolutely fabulous job james-a masterwork on Kiss’ masterwork-I agree what came before and after never reached the heights of the Destroyer (apex) level-A MUST READ for Kiss fans and 70’s rock fans of any stripe-thank you for doing this. I wish you were a fan of The Rascals.

– Joe Russo,

Awesome book.
-Brad C Pratt Jr., Amazon

The beginning of the book has numerous instances of odd phrasing and word choice, like the author was trying to affect a certain style. By the latter half of the book it became less of an issue and didn’t interfere overly much with my enjoyment of what appears to be an exceptionally researched history that covers nearly every imaginable detail, from all possible angles, of the writing, recording, packaging, and marketing of Kiss’ 1976 breakout recording. It is true, as some of the reviews here note, that at times the story veers off on tangents, most providing background on the period or the actors in the story. I found this level of detail mostly absorbing and adding color and depth, though at one or two turns I found myself scanning ahead to pick-up the story. The interwoven chapters describing each of Destroyer’s nine tracks could have been left out without any harm to the integrity of the book. Unlike many slap-dash pop culture histories that rely almost entirely on secondary sources, Campion did his own interviews with most of the actors in this story, so even if you think you know everything about the period, there may still be a few surprises here waiting for you. Good job, Mr Campion. I hope you’ll take on another KISS history soon. The unmasked era seems to be a period that has so far been largely ignored.
– Daiho, Amazon

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