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So many people have written about JC’s new book, we’ve had to dedicate an entire page to the world’s reaction.

A remarkably thorough, thoughtful and passionate recounting of the events surrounding the making of Destroyer. This was one of the most exciting times in my life – and one of my favorite projects ever – so it was a thrill to relive it in color and 3-D thanks to James Campion’s hard work.

– Bob Ezrin, legendary producer of Destroyer

Shout It Out Loud! is the best written of the KISS books I’ve read. Unlike most others, James Campion has a facility with the language and a unique voice and tone. He incorporates the existing book of knowledge (i.e., old interviews, other biographical works) with his own research into a seamless narrative that avoids becoming scattered and/or boring. Tough needle to thread.

– Jeff Suhs, author of KISS Alive Forever!

In the 40 years since the cover of Destroyer was painted, I have never read a more perfect accounting of the events that took place. James Campion has captured the very essence of the era, the characters, and the time. My and Dennis Woloch’s role in the design of Destroyer is all there on the page. Shout It Out Loud allowed me to relive the experience moment by moment.

– Ken Kelly, artist of the iconic Destroyer cover painting

James Campion’s portrayal of the making of Destroyer brought back fond and vivid memories. Shout It Out Loud! is a good read.

– Jay Messina, lead engineer on Destroyer.

It’s really wonderful the detail James Campion has captured in Shout It Out Loud! and the way its presented. Reading it took me back to a special time in my life that meant so much to me, and still does. The way it is written, I swear, it was like James was right there with me, with all of us in the studio making that incredible album! I have to stop now before I get too emotional.

– Corky Stasiak, assistant engineer on Destroyer.

Wow! Prodigiously researched and beautifully written! You’ve written a PHD level thesis in a popular book format. I also note your high quality cover art! Thanks so very much for the wonderful quotes and analysis of Dick’s talent. I’m so happy that you and Dick developed a friendship from the interviews, and I love how you “got” him. Dick was among the rare hierarchy of multi-threat talent — a virtuoso guitarist, a rangy and eloquent singer, and a composer/arranger/producer of rockin’ and sophisticated songs with the breadth and diversity of Lennon McCartney. He was a fascinating man and talent. He delivered creativity that was both sophisticated and soulful, but he also had the ability to communicate his musical conceptions. From a personal perspective, Dick was more deeply in touch with passion and emotion than anyone I’ve ever known. Obviously, I miss him intensely. Thank you for bringing me more of his words. And thank you for reflecting and articulating his genius.

– Susan Michelson, assistant to the late Dick Wagner

I’ve never been a KISS fan, but I have had a mild fascination with them ever since I saw them in a 1977 concert film that ran on HBO constantly in the summer of 1979, which inspired a recurring nightmare that the band showed up in a van outside my house (that same summer, I also watched a lot of Jaws 2 on HBO, which probably inspired a few nightmares too). Since I can’t count myself among the KISS Army, it’s a true testament to what an interesting story you had to tell that I could not put ‘Shout It Out Loud’ down. Fascinating stuff! Considering how much I liked the book, I can only imagine the Army is going to go absolutely crazy over it. Congratulations again!

– Mike Segretto, author of The Who FAQ

Review from my friend and colleague Vincent Czyz


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