The Word Is Out! – All summer long everyone at the Jersey Shore was talking about Deep Tank Jersey.




All summer everyone at the Jersey Shore was talking about the new book, Deep Tank Jersey. Author, James Campion’s tale of four months on the burning road with DogVoices. The true, sordid, and insane stories of a rock band surviving in the smoky heat of Clubland. It’s the book the inside scoop about each member of DogVoices and the people who make them run. Move along the music trail and meet bands like The Nerds, Good Girls Don’t, and more! Read about the type of Monte antics that has single handedly changed club policiy, pissed off newspapers, and kept police on alert all summer long! Read about the mysterious Nadine, the crazed Brian Dead Bob, and the people you stand next to on any given night. Maybe even YOU. Get your copy of Deep Tank Jersey at a DogVoices show this fall or look for it at local book stores. And coming this fall check out the DogVoices web site for excerpts.


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