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Below is an unsolicited message from jc for jamescampion.com, barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, theaquarian.com and any Barnes & Noble store nationwide.

This year, for the holidays, I have decided NOT to send anyone anything. I am only doing my part to reduce the chance of mail-related terrorism while smartly reducing the chance of personal poverty. It’s a sound plan for a doomed economy and I propose you do the same.

God damn it! Think of the poor souls getting your meaningless greetings, exposing it to their children and elderly family members, and then contracting some horrible disease that spreads throughout their unsuspecting towns and hamlets. Jesus, the Feds will hunt you down and usher your yuletide ass to a military tribunal that would surely find you guilty by suspicion and shoot you in a pit of your own digging.

But if you are brave enough to use the US Mail or shop in crowded stores with little to no security, then please be so kind as to purchase a copy of my two books at the merchant locations above. They have been great supporters of yours truly, despite the risks in doing so.

Both titles, Deep Tank Jersey and Fear No Art, are chock full of holiday cheer with their inordinate amount of expletives, bizarre rituals and twisted logic. Just what a freethinking mind needs to consume in these trying times. They make great gifts and blah blah, blah blah blah. Copies ordered from my web site can be personally signed to your loved one with sick and threatening messages included, if you provide them. I aim to please.

Also, quite new this year, a charity compendeum of stories surrounding the tragic events of 9/11/01called Glory: A Nation’s Spirit Defeats The Attack On America. It includes two of my most celebrated columns. All proceeds go to a good cause outlined at the American Publishing Network web site.




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