James Campion – Author, Satirist, Lunatic


A constantly growing collection of articles about, interviews with, and reviews of jc and his work thus far. Also included are promos for Deep Tank Jersey, Fear No Art and Trailing Jesus.




3 Responses to James Campion – Author, Satirist, Lunatic

  1. Floris says:

    Hey thanks for the Podcasts! Learning a ton. Great insights. Just a quick one, have you heard of Jason Molina? Flip it’s good stuff. Just give it a listen if you havent. He had a few acts, but Song: Ohia is my fave thus far. https://youtu.be/malJUMz2A9Y?list=RDEMWVk3UMYuFZGfSSIxIyvmRg

  2. Warren Van Wicklin says:

    I just read “Accidentally Like a Martyr”. I think it’s a tremendously insightful book. It certainly has enriched my understanding of one of my very favorite songwriters. Thanks for writing that book.

    • Truly appreciate the kind words, Warren. So glad you liked it. I would ask, if it’s cool with you, that you register your comments on the book’s Amazon page or Good Reads, as that always helps spread the word. Thanx for reading and sending a note!

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