Midnight For Cinderella by James Campion


Reality Check Papers Volume II

Midnight For Cinderella

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Finally! The long-dreaded sequel to Fear No Art – Observations on the Death of the American Century , but this time enhanced with head-bloating, body-inflating, testicle-shrinking anabolic steroids!

Published by Amazon.com’s Booksurge Division, Midnight For Cinderella is a comprehensive and dizzying collection of jc’s best columns, essays, letters, e-mails, and in-depth magazine and newspaper pieces from the first five action-packed years of the new century. This unique compendium of expletive-laced tirades, warped insights, and stirring tributes is fused with provocative and stunning artwork from revolutionary artist, Denise Mihalik, and boasts a rousing foreword by internationally infamous singer/songwriter Dan Bern.

Included with the most controversial, infuriating, outlandish, and irreverent musings from the Reality Check News & Information Desk – enjoyed by readers the world over for the past half-decade – are brand new essays and previously unpublished gems from the twisted mind of ornery satirist, James Campion. Newcomers to the furiously hilarious and oft-times poignant jc rants will revel in the wide variety of subjects skewered, lampooned, and viscously dissected. Rabid fans and loyal Check Group Members will also enjoy having all of their most cherished Reality Check blather available in one neat package, with the added bonus of the odd snippet of new wisdom thrown in.

It is also important to note that some of the more painful passages, previously edited for publishing, appear here in their disgusting entirety, securing the permanent record in the jc pantheon. Also included are the hard-to-find “Resurrections In Babes Clothing”, previously only available in MWE Publishing’s “In Our Own Words Vol. 4” collection, and the much-requested “Free Speech Must Stop”, rightfully rejected by our favorite lady-columnist Rita J. King’s popular and beloved Ruminations on America Project blog.

Here it is, all in one volume, the Reality Check take on two hotly debated presidential elections, another in a well-received series of Iraq Wars, and, of course, the horrors and fallout of 9/11, joined merrily together with a randy host of celebrity mocking, media scorn, religious contempt, and general disrespect for all that is sacred. What has been called “the most erratic of all editorial homes” by the YAHOO! syndicated column listings, now finds a final resting place in Midnight For Cinderella.

Presented in sections by subject: Philosophy, Religion, Survival, Politics, 2000 Presidential Campaign & Election, 9/11/01, Fallout, War In Iraq, 2004 Presidential Campaign & Election, Pop Goes Culture, Sports, and Tribute, Midnight For Cinderella is a complete journalistic package of reporting, cavorting, tales out of school, and borderline slanderous fun. Many lawyers, civil unions, and dedicated protest groups have helped in bringing these stories, opinions, and observations to fruition. The least you can do is order it, then read it, and then throw up – and not necessarily in that order. (Sometimes it helps to regurgitate prior to reading Campion)


“They love him. They hate him. But they cannot ignore him.”-The Mighty Chief Wonka

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Midnight For Cinderella Fear No Art

The Midnight/Fear Combo – Buy Midnight For Cinderella and complete your set with Volume I for only an additional $5. Get the entire Reality Check package for $25.

Praise for FEAR NO ART (Volume I):

“Campion remains mysterious to even the people who give him the space to rage. And make no mistake about it, Fear No Art rages. In the bent tradition of H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson, Campion’s true wit is in his blantant disregard for everything worth disregarding.” Seth Cales, Freelance Reviewer

fear no art is a societal magnifying glass that uses the powerful literary rays of Campion’s counter-culture thoughts to singe the endless line of sheep-like ants that in his opinion define American popular culture. Campion’s writing could certainly snap the synapses of tame minds but might allow for serious contemplation.”Brad King, North County News

“No one is sacred, no punches are pulled.”– Chris Uhl, Aquarian Weekly

“James Campion keeps amazing me. He is one of the few demented souls our industry has produced.”– Dan Davis, Genesis

“It’s not often that a relatively unknown columnist from a rock n’ roll weekly begins to take hold of the radical press, dubbing himself a “rogue journalist” and invitingly begs for comparisons to H.L. Mencken or Hunter Thompson. And it is even more rare that the same man can pull it off with painful consistency. James Campion, if not already a thorn in the side of all that is not sacred, wants you to believe all this. And anyone who has taken notice has yet to deny him that.” – Darren Ecstein, The Underground Press Quarterly

Fear No Art is spurious, barbed, funny, and well reasoned.”Elisa Flynn, Westchester Arts Weekly



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