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Fear No Art

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A collection of jc’s columns, essays, letters, e-mails, and in-dept magazine and newspaper pieces from the late-nineties; Fear No Art swerves, ducks, and lays heavy punches with every page. No one is spared from the damaged arenas of politics and celebrity. In the tradition of his heroes and inspiration; Lenny Bruce, H.L. Mencken, Hunter Thompson, George Carlin, and other contemporary satirists, jc uses wit and cruel visions to strip the hypocrisy of our world bare. Yet, this is more a collection of entertaining revelry than a dirge of preaching. Fear No Art burns the eyes and touches the heart, and at times, does it simultaneously.

Fear No Art is the perfect epitaph for the American Century; chronicling the fallout of the O.J. Simpson trial, race bating, civil rights protest, tabloid journalism, children killers, pop culture, terrorism, censorship, and a president crumbling, only to be born again. A fast and wild read, hilariously funny, and bitterly true; Fear No Art is high octane journalism at it’s very best. jc has created an instant underground classic and the perfect follow-up to the passionate intensity of his first effort, the fringe classic, Deep Tank Jersey.

No ardent reader of the Aquarian Weekly’s most controversial writer can do without Fear No Art, and those who have never read him will be treated to a unique view of the news that warps a nation. All of your favorite jc characters are here: Georgetown, the manic conservative insider, Dibbs, his left-wing radical alter-ego, Willie, the crazed fugitive from justice, and an array of insults, barbs, and downright abuse doled out in private e-mails and letters spawned from the now infamous memo file of the Reality Check News & Information Desk.

Approached by the management of the burgeoning Internet network, BLAZO!! to unleash his weekly rants onto the rest of an unsuspecting nation, jc went to work compiling his nearly complete repertoire of previously published musings and intimate works into one crazed collection. The brilliant result is Fear No Art. For perhaps the first time the reader can enjoy the unpredictable ride and incredible growth of a potentially significant writer geared for the 21st century. Quotable, clever, caustic, moving, and true to the core; these are the words used by fans, enemies, reviewers, and colleagues to describe jc’s work. He is alive and well and roaring like the wounded beast of reality in every sentence. Fear No Art is a masterpiece of toxic hyperbole and ingenious bombast; a playful romp of nasty stories and even nastier people.

“They love him. They hate him. But they cannot ignore him.”-The Mighty Chief Wonka


Fear No Leadership – “Power corrupts, and absolute power is like an IV loaded with speed balls cruising the main vein. It is King Richard wandering through the desert looking to trade the Third World for a goddamn horse. No human can survive it with a shred of their decency left intact. There are horrible places on this globe where you can go to see the fierce result of its wounds.”

Fear No Citizen – “We are a people mired in the degradation of wit; slow to understand the intricacies of government: The brain-dead have the wheels and the frightened must pay the bill.”

Fear No Philosophy – “HATE is kicking LOVE ass. Check the record.”

Fear No Organized Faith – “Religion has claimed more lives throughout the history of civilization than money and sex combined.”

Fear No Parenting – “We are lucky more children don’t take to the streets with savage vengeance for the abuse, distrust, and pain we substitute for understanding, and the garbled misinformation we trade for teaching.”

Fear No Advertising – “The world of advertising and big business roll out the red carpet of mighty horse dung riding on the fumes of large breasts and white teeth tipping their cup of joe in a pleasant salute to ignorance.”

Fear No Aging Hippies – “The Baby Boomers have used up cultural boundaries and left the fumes of regret; and like the gray suit custodians after a parade, we shall clean it up.”

Fear No Wall Street – “This is the landscape we choose to stroll. On a clear day standing on the stacks of mammon you can see the streets of tin. They are paved with the American Dream.”

Fear No Lawyer – “The law is a minefield of veracity and inaccuracy played out over a war of words with the truth as its most precious casualty.”


“Campion remains mysterious to even the people who give him the space to rage. And make no mistake about it, Fear No Art rages. In the bent tradition of H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson, Campion’s true wit is in his blantant disregard for everything worth disregarding.” Seth Cales, Freelance Reviewer

fear no art is a societal magnifying glass that uses the powerful literary rays of Campion’s counter-culture thoughts to singe the endless line of sheep-like ants that in his opinion define American popular culture. Campion’s writing could certainly snap the synapses of tame minds but might allow for serious contemplation.”Brad King, North County News

“No one is sacred, no punches are pulled.”– Chris Uhl, Aquarian Weekly

“James Campion keeps amazing me. He is one of the few demented souls our industry has produced.”– Dan Davis, Genesis

“It’s not often that a relativly unknown columnist from a rock n’ roll weekly begins to take hold of the radical press, dubbing himself a “rogue journalist” and invitingly begs for comparisons to H.L. Mencken or Hunter Thompson. And it is even more rare that the same man can pull it off with painful consistency. James Campion, if not already a thorn in the side of all that is not sacred, wants you to believe all this. And anyone who has taken notice has yet to deny him that.” – Darren Ecstein, The Underground Press Quarterly

Fear No Art is spurious, barbed, funny, and well reasoned.”Elisa Flynn, Westchester Arts Weekly


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