Deep Tank Jersey – One Man’s Journey Into the Soul Of New Jersey Club Band – Real life story of DogVoices and the NJ Club Scene by James Campion


Deep Tank Jersey – 1st Edition
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Deep Tank Jersey

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A first person romp through the subculture of night life on the New Jersey club circuit with one of its premier bands, Dog Voices, Deep Tank Jersey resonates with humor and sentiment. It is an inside look at life in the fast lane with hard working musicians and the twisted people who surround them nightly. Many other top NJ bands, their roadies, groupies, management and agents are dissected through jc’s magnifying glass. Owners, bouncers and employees of popular night spots tell wild and sometimes moving stories of success and failure in a dog eat dog business that changes on the fly. It is also a story of loneliness and passion in a world where the thrill-a-minute philosophy can blur lines and create a bizarre reality.






“Your manuscript is amazing! We’d most likely publish it if you’d just let us edit the damn thing! Who do you think you are Jack Kerouac? (exasperated expletive).-Simon & Schuster

“This is simply the best example of life out of bounds written about our tiny corner of the world.” -LBI Islander 7/96

“‘Deep Tank Jersey’ is the underground world of middle class rock n’ roll that someone had to write about. Everything from inebriation to incarceration and back. A wholly enjoyable read for the club veteran and frightened novice.” -EC Rocker 8/4/96

“James Campion dives right into the heart of the band scene. No subject is taboo, be it personal or professional. From Monte’s notorious — some say dangerous — stage antics to the legendary band, Dog Voices feelings on touring, fans, and each other.”-Steppin’ Out Entertainment Magazine 1/29/96

“We do not recommend attempting anything written in ‘Deep Tank Jersey’, but it sure is a fun read!”Aquarian Weekly 6/24/97

“No one is spared James Campion’s satirical wit in this roller coaster ride of a book. And the best perk is that it is all true. Anyone who has been in a band, worked in, or frequented any rock club will enjoy this jaunt through the circus life of crazies and big hearts who have called the edge home.”-More Suger Entertainment 5/98

“I’m in that thing!”-Razz from “K-Rock” WXRK Radio NY

“This is one fun book.”The Nerds

“I would kill that bastard Campion if I could stop laughing!”-Monte from Dog Voices


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