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Aquarian Weekly 2/11/09 REALITY CHECK


Are you taking over Or are you taking orders? Are you going backwards Or are you going forwards? – Joe Strummer

What is transpiring throughout the world economy is about survival now. It is not about ideology or theory or political one-upsmanship. There is no longer room for heroes, only villains. There certainly will not be any winners, only those left to tell the tale to future generations, who will no doubt repeat the same mistakes we have repeated. Pork It Up!But make no mistake about this; the time for claiming anything resembling victory or a shot at sainthood has passed. What is in front of us, as a nation, as a people, as a globe, is dire, immediate, and possibly devastating. Thus, what congress and the president of the United States currently propose, debate, and eventually put forth as a Stimulus/Recovery/Relief/Reconstruction whatever will either be nothing more than a band-aid on a hemorrhaging wound, a stop gap for deeper measures to come, or a complete reevaluation of the self-preserving concepts offered by a free market capitalist democracy.

In other words, this is some serious shit.

And when the Serious Shit comes, no one wants to hear about Political Capital or Fiscal Responsibility or Socialism or Earmarks or Staking Claim to Righteous Indignation or Blame. These are tools for historians and fodder for fence sitters. But even those on their lofty perch are down in the muck now. This is Go Time, folks. No one is exempt. It is the bottom of the ninth with two outs — the final set, the final match. For the government it is 9/11 all over again, only this time the enemy is not from without, but within. This is why I humbly propose that whatever bloated garbage has coagulated into our life-preserving Stimulus Bill by House Democrats be exposed, that names and earmarks be listed and collated, and ultimately impeachments handed out. Then, perhaps, if warranted, criminal charges levied.

Too harsh?

Has anyone bothered to notice the job loss numbers? Does anyone realize the ramifications of this imploding housing crisis or what is left of solvency on Wall St.? Does anyone remember what the word BANK means anymore?

The old rules no longer apply. We are through the looking glass. Twentieth Century thinking is debunked. Everything you have known and loved is shredded in an avalanche of desperation. Armageddon is for pikers. This is Apocalypse Now. Those in charge should act accordingly. Anything less deserves the stocks.

Picture if you will your house aflame and your frantic calls to the fire department. Then picture their arrival, and as they crash into your burning home, each proceeds to avail themselves of your valuables, as your children scream from the top floor and your very existence goes up in smoke. You are forced to sit and watch in horror as each firefighter tries to get his, while also deftly maneuvering to save themselves from the lapping tongues of fire.

This is a fair analogy of what we face today in Congress. This is why those who saw fit to save the day by adding a ridiculous amount of government pork and personal perks for their states to the tune of billions of tax dollars into what could very well be a fatal or emancipating bill must be expunged from office. We cannot have greedy, selfish future candidates festooning our lifeboat with vats of bilge, while desperate people cling to subsistence. It’s not personal or political. We are beyond that now. It is merely a matter of survival: Not Revenge For Eight Years Of Baby Bush or The Second Coming Of Clintonia. This is about willing applicants sent to Capitol Hill to make hard and binding decisions, but instead are fist fucking us into oblivion.

The old rules no longer apply. We are through the looking glass. Twentieth Century thinking is debunked. Everything you have known and loved is shredded in an avalanche of desperation. Armageddon is for pikers. This is Apocalypse Now. Those in charge should act accordingly. Anything less deserves the stocks.

This is the real deal now. All talk about irresponsible Republicans is true. It was true during the campaign and it remains so. But we put an end to all of that in November. We did not send Joe Cool to Washington to pussyfoot around with lifers. He’s there to take The Baptist’s blade and begin to cut at the weak roots, saving us from this insatiable mismanagement that has put us on the verge of collapse.

All the posturing by cretins like Nancy Pelosi, who suddenly thinks it is 1994 and she is Newt Gingrich decrying the stank of power mongering ideologs while slowly erecting the greatest abuses of fiscal sanity known to the modern world, has to be put in her place. There is nothing left for the New Regime to do now but take this screeching twat aside and make her beg for a crumb. She must be made example.

The Democrats didn’t win. Barack Obama did. They rode the coattails of Joe Cool into masking an 18 percent approval rating. Pelosi is, as is her Congress, a wretched failure. They ran in ’06 on stopping a “war” that still rages. Fuck her. Fuck Harry Reid. And fuck every goddamned Republican who tries to grandstand. Their way of doing things were run out of office on a rail. Oh, they’re day of final reckoning is nigh. Believe me, jack.

If this is the New Dawn in American politics, if there is to be a future around here, never mind Super Power, then there has to be pit bull tactics applied to our so-called legislative watchdogs.

Because, let’s face it folks, like it or not the only thing that stands from total and utter annihilation of our monetary system is the federal government. It is not 1982 or ’87 or 2002 or God helps us all, 1929. There are far more people now with far more wealth and property and far too many countries with their fingers in our pie to close borders or declare world wars or rebuild the government. This is about action of pre-Civil War proportions. This is about nationalism of either tyrannical measures or socialistic uprisings. Tax cuts? Bank loans? Bail outs? These are ships that have long left the harbor, never to return.

This is a new world order with and a new guy in charge and I demand he begin to kick the ass and take the names.

To his credit our president has done what the two previous dolts refused to do, and that is to go on every television network and claim responsibility for the pathetic series of nominations to his cabinet that culminated in the abortion known as Tom Daschle, whose credentials in the field of hypocrisy is now legendary. Never mind his name being stricken from public service, by all rights he should be deported to an island and made to eat roots and berries and forge his own demented society from scratch for the period of time in which he would have EARNED the $130,000 of tax he “failed” to pay.


Daschle just didn’t pay them. And like Pelosi and her gang of fiscal marauders hijacking our lifeline, this is the political equivalent of a cop killing. It shows an utter disdain and rejection of our social fabric. And with such a disregard for civilization, they deserve to be rendered incapable of playing along anymore.

After 9/11, George Bush had the entire country and world at his feet and proceeded to act like a petulant dunderhead. Barack Obama is sitting in the same seat during an even greater threat to our survival.

The bell tolls.

Who has the balls to answer it?

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