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Aquarian Weekly 9/26/01 REALITY CHECK

9/11/01 Part II ENEMIES OF REASON Or The God Bullshit Must Cease

We are the evil Western Satan, America, target of the Holy War. Allah wants us destroyed. Murderers strike for the cause of God.

They are the evil rogue terrorist states, purveyors of hate. God blesses America. We shall strike vengeance in his holy name.

This latest, and most devastating, hit on our soil is no more political, ideological or societal than the Crusades.

Killing for Jesus.

Killing for Muhammad.

Same difference.

Whether we would like to admit it or not, the United States of America can now join the rest of the planet, and it’s twisted history, in an all-out religious war.

Five thousand, six thousand, ten thousand dead may be a shocker to us, but in the scrolling number of those murdered in the name of God, it is a drop of water in an angry ocean.

We’ve been standing aloof on this God thing for too long. Time to take him out of our Grammy speeches, Saturday Yoga classes, Columbia University’s Advanced Philosophy courses, off the money and away from crazed hate-mongers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

We like God to hang in the cushy closets called churches and slipped in before a polite “bless you” after sneezes.

It is time we get reacquainted with THE God.

This whole damned mess is about God now. Well, not God, or anything approaching even a spiritually soothing center of being or any of that shit. We’re talking about the Big Dick patriarchal, warped War God, the God of man’s darkest imagination.

This is a God not worthy of fucking with, a God capable of infant genocide, rivers of blood and mortal plagues. The one that saw fit to flood the world and start anew.

This is the God that is depicted in the Koran and the Torah as a vengeful monolith of spiteful fury. The God that waged terror for thousands of years of bloody conquest and torture in the name of Abraham, Moses, Christ and Muhammad.

It is the God praised today in propagandized Islamic extremist boot camps that train bleary-eyed Arab teenagers to choose fiery death and destruction over getting laid.

This is the same God that stood as a beacon over the systematic massacre of Native Americans and the subjugation of cultures everywhere.

You know the God that supposedly blesses both America and billionaire Saudi momma’s boys with their turbans chock full of automatic weapons.

It’s time we ALL understand that this “new war” is about God. Money and power are fine pursuits for the relatively sane, but loons waving their murderous spirit in fists of rage dwarf their insidious accomplishments.

People tend to choose life over death, so they can enjoy their money and power. Service of God means plenty of fun and frolic in an after life, so the suicidal slamming of commercial airlines into icons of mortar and steel in God’s name qualifies for a first class ticket to glorious heaven.

And it’s about time for atheists to get on board. This God exists, and he is deadly. His people have been killing each other in painfully strong numbers since they decided he mattered.

And make no mistake, this God is a man, and why not? What other creature besides man could coldly eliminate one another, so adroitly, so completely with precise calculation.

After all, man was made in his image.

Those who’ve tried to change this image were sent packing; tortured and beaten, nailed to crosses, hung by trees, and gunned down on Memphis balconies. It’s not good business trying to soften the blow of this God.

By the way, God has holy land all over the globe. And these places are soaked with human blood, blessed by graves and tombs to celebrate the great martyrs of the cause.

And God is very particular about his land; holy this, and holy that; raising anger and fueling mayhem. His people love to set boundaries and crease borders, so they can have a reason to cripple anyone in his name. They’ve built statues and churches and mosques and temples in honor of this lunacy.

But apparently these silly Middle Eastern God-hogs don’t realize that God is actually on our side, and the true holy land is not on Mount Zion or Mecca, but south of Canal Street in lower Manhattan.

Our leaders, begging Saudi Arabia or Israel to practice restraint for eons, will not smooth over this latest atrocity with poignant speeches about peace.

Nope. Restraint is the other guy’s problem. Time to show the rest of the world how things go when our holy relics are torn to pieces, when the bodies are not Israeli grocers or Iranian peasant women, but have American addresses.

Meanwhile the keepers of God’s nightmare stand in their pulpits and hover above the dead to ask God to lead the march of vengeful carnage. Some even use the media to claim that the abandonment of God’s wants and needs actually caused these horrific, hateful, deadly actions.

God’s will, perhaps?

Actually, the will is man’s.

And the reign of his terror has just begun, because the mouthpieces for God’s wrath are already calling this an Islamic defense, a holy order, and America, the New Jerusalem. The great Western Paper Tiger is weak and afraid, and will perish, praise be to Allah.

Five thousand, six thousand, ten thousand dead may be a shocker to us, but in the scrolling number of those murdered in the name of God, it is a drop of water in an angry ocean.

You see, when it comes to God, the more things change, the more they’re just the same. Swords become guns, and adobe huts become skyscrapers, but there is still killing in the guise of faith. There is still the cry for justice from the same God that lays waste to our home.

Yes, we can play politics, negotiate and conclave, have foreign relations, and even swing our own Big Dick guns around in place of this God, but it’s all a playful farce.

This is the Holy War, and welcome to it.

God damn it, indeed.

Next Week Part III – A Qualified Study of Middle Eastern Traditions or The Folly of Negotiating with Maniacs

Part I – 9/11/01


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