Underwater Sunshine Podcast

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new venture with Counting Crows front man, Adam Duritz, The Underwater Sunshine Podcast.

It is available on the Counting Crows web site here:

Underwater Sunshine: The Podcast

Soon to be available for download at ITunes, Google Play and Spotify as early as today, but certainly by week’s end.

If you’ve been following me on the various forms of social media we’re inundated with daily, you would know by now that Adam and I have been plugging this thing for a few weeks, as we began experimenting with doing it since late December. It is an off-shoot to the book project we have been working on since October of 2016, but a little different. Adam is a fine conversationalist, well-rounded and a great storyteller with a deep love of music of all genres, films, art, literature, including his beloved comic books, and more.

My role here as instigator, facilitator and sometimes debater, is a window into what I have been fortunate enough to do as Contributing Editor and columnist for the Aquarian Weekly the last two decades and at the Huff Post for the past ten years – write about music, review shows in and around the NYC area, and mostly interview some of my favorite artists in literature, film and music. I am not only a big Counting Crows fan but it was my interviews with Adam since 2008 that sparked our collaboration and then a friendship which I believe will become evident in these discussions. Hope you dig the podcast and send us your feedback.

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